Where can I go on holiday without a vaccine?

11 January 2022

Despite over 80% of the UK population (over the age of 12) now being fully vaccinated against COVID-19, there are still many people who haven’t received the vaccine. Whether there are medical reasons for delaying or advising against the vaccine, or if a decision has simply been made for other reasons, this is now a barrier for almost one-in-five people looking to travel abroad in 2022.

Many countries, including popular destinations like the USA and Spain, have imposed restrictions making it impossible to enter without a vaccine, or a lengthy quarantine period is required before you can travel freely without a vaccine.

However, there are still a few countries that are welcoming unvaccinated tourists. We have done some research into some of the most popular holiday destinations that do not require a vaccine certificate for you to visit.

This information is correct as of 11th January 2022 and has been checked against the official travel advice on the gov.uk website for accuracy, however, it is only intended to be used as a guide and it is important that you confirm entry requirements for yourself before booking a holiday or travelling abroad on this information. Travel advice and rules can change without notice and this is not a guarantee that additional restrictions will not be imposed by destinations in the weeks and months ahead.

The advice we have published is relevant to UK citizens, living in England, who have not travelled anywhere else in the last 14 days. Different requirements may apply to those travelling from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It is important that you still obtain comprehensive travel insurance as soon as you book your trip, including cover for cancellation and medical and quarantine expenses, including if you test positive while you are away. There is a government guide on buying travel insurance for your trip here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/foreign-travel-insurance

You should not use the NHS testing service to get a test in order to facilitate your travel to another country. You should arrange to take a private test.


With a flying time of under 3 hours and one of the longest and most picturesque coastlines in Europe, Croatia makes for an excellent summer holiday destination. The season runs from late May to late September – temperatures usually remain above the mid-twenties for most of this. It makes for an excellent multi-centre holiday with a choice of historic cities and hundreds of beautiful islands, plus the Insta-worthy Plitvice Lakes National Park!

To be allowed entry into Croatia, all travellers from the UK must present one of the following documents on arrival:

· proof of a vaccination, not older than 365 days, or;

· a negative COVID-19 antigen not older than 48 hours, or;

· a negative PCR test result not older than 72 hours, or;

· a doctor’s certificate of recovery from COVID-19. (See ‘Demonstrating your COVID-19 status’).

Additional notes

You will need to complete an online entry form before you travel to Croatia.

You should carry a copy of your accommodation booking when arriving in Croatia

It is mandatory for passengers to wear masks on public transport, taxis and in shops and other commercial premises.


The third-largest island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus enjoys one of the sunniest climates in Europe. Although the summer season officially runs from mid-May to mid-October, it enjoys a mild climate all year round, making it a great choice for a little winter sunshine. The capital of Paphos boasts historic treasures such as the mesmerising mosaics of Paphos Archaeological Park and the Tombs of The Kings.

All travellers are required to complete a Cyprus Flight Pass before travel. Most passengers require a negative PCR test result taken within 72hrs before departure and, upon arrival, must also take a PCR test at the airport. The cost of the airport test (€15 - €19) is borne by the passenger. Test results should be available within three hours through the online platform. You must self-isolate in your accommodation until the result is available.

72 hours after arrival in Cyprus, travellers may be required to undergo a rapid test at a mobile unit of the Ministry of Health. This is free of charge to those presenting a boarding pass at the testing site.

Additional notes

The use of a face mask is compulsory in all indoor and outdoor public spaces

People aged 6 and above require a SafePass to enter venues including malls, catering establishments, some sports facilities etc.

You can get a SafePass if you can provide proof of either:

· being fully vaccinated (including a booster dose); or

· being vaccinated with two doses of the AstraZeneca, Moderna or Pfizer vaccines or with one dose of the Jansen vaccine, provided that your last dose was administered less than seven months ago; or

· being vaccinated with the first dose of a COVID vaccine and hold a negative PCR test result not older than 72hrs or a negative rapid test result not older than 48hrs; or

· having contracted COVID-19 in the past 6 months.

Dominican Republic

One of the largest and most diverse islands of the Caribbean, you’ll find postcard-perfect beaches, mountains, waterfalls and mangrove lagoons. Most of the resorts are located on the Eastern tip of the island from Punta Cana down to La Romana, offering five-star all-inclusive holidays on this tropical paradise. The best time to visit is between November and April to avoid the intense heat and humidity of the summer months.

Passengers arriving from the UK will need to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before their arrival, or a vaccination card demonstrating a final dose administered no fewer than three weeks before their arrival.

Additional notes

You will need to fill in a COVID Traveller’s Health Affidavit before travel to the Dominican Republic.

Proof of COVID vaccination with at least two doses or a negative PCR test (valid for 7 days after it was taken) is required to enter any public or private establishments

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 PCR test will not be required to enter hotels or access the services offered within tourism complexes.

Mask-wearing and social distancing are mandatory in public spaces and private spaces for public use.


With direct flights from no less than six cities in the UK taking approximately 7 hours, Dubai is another year-round destination with plenty of amazing sights to keep you intrigued. Home to the world tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, this city offers everything from pristine beaches, enormous shopping malls, exquisite spas, desert safaris and family-friendly waterparks. For a relaxing five-star break we recommend staying on the Palm, or to be in the middle of the action stay at the bustling Dubai Marina.

All passengers travelling from the UK to Dubai must hold a negative COVID‑19 PCR test certificate with QR code for a test taken no more than 48 hours before departure and the certificate must be for a Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT‑PCR) test.

Additional notes

Social distancing and the wearing of face masks is mandatory in most places when away from your hotel room.

Note that stricter requirements apply to entering Abu Dhabi


One of our favourite destinations – Greece is actually dozens of destinations rolled into one. There is an island or resort for everyone. Small and friendly family-run hotels on the pine-clad islands of Skiathos, tick. White-washed buildings and boho boutiques on cosmopolitan Mykonos, tick. Award-winning five-star all-inclusive family resorts in glistening Halkidiki, tick. And everything in-between… in the north the season runs from early June to early September, but head further south to Crete, Rhodes or Kos and you’ll get sunbathing weather as early as April and as late as October half-term sometimes. There’s no shortage of history on offer, with Athens and Rhodes offering possibly some of the richest historic sites in the world. For an extra romantic escape, you could stay in a cave-style hotel on the caldera of world-famous Santorini. If you simply can’t choose then why not arrange an island-hopping trip to take in two or three jaw-dropping destinations?

You need to complete a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) before arrival in Greece.

You will also need one of the following:

· Proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test, undertaken within the 72 hour period before arrival into Greece; or

· Proof of a negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test from an authorised laboratory, undertaken within the 24 hour period before your arrival into Greece

Additional notes

If you have not been fully vaccinated or do not have proof of recovery from COVID-19:

· You will not be allowed to enter nightclubs, restaurants (indoors), theatres, cinemas, museums, exhibitions, conferences, gyms and stadiums;

· You must present proof of a negative rapid test, taken up to 48 hours before entry, to visit other public spaces including shops and restaurants (outdoors)

It is mandatory to wear masks (either double surgical masks or N95 masks) in all indoor and outdoor public spaces, in all areas of Greece.


Tropical beaches and ancient Mayan ruins are the highlight of this North American gem. Direct flights take around 11 hours from London, Manchester or Birmingham to reach Cancun on the Caribbean coast, or a little longer to reach the Pacific Coast. Offering possibly the best selection of all-inclusive resorts in the world, Mexico is a year-round destination, with temperatures rarely, if ever, falling below the low twenties. As with most of the Caribbean, humidity and rainfall are higher in the summer months, but this shouldn’t put you off holidaying here.

There is currently no requirement to provide proof of vaccination, or a negative COVID-19 test to enter Mexico, making it possibly the easiest destination to visit. You will have to complete a passenger locator form before you travel

Portugal (Madeira)

Madeira is an archipelago lying approximately 250 miles north of the Canaries, off the north-western coast of Africa. It enjoys a sub-tropical climate, enjoying long, mild summers and spring-like weather from November to April. The scenery is incredibly diverse, with rugged coastlines, lush green mountains and waterfalls, leading some to compare it to the Pacific island of Hawaii. The capital, Funchal, offers cobbled streets, amazing cuisine, and is famous for its harbour and botanical gardens.

If you're travelling to Madeira, you'll have to do one of the following

· Provide proof of full vaccination on arrival, or;

· Provide proof of recovery from COVID-19,or;

· Take a FREE COVID-19 PCR test on arrival and self-isolate until you get your result, or;

· Take a COVID-19 test and upload a negative result before travel to arrive without self-isolating - you can take a COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours before your departure or a negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test, taken no more than 48 hours before you arrive into Madeira

Before you travel to Madeira, you must complete an online passenger locator form. There’s also an app you can download where you can upload your PCR test to for an easier travel experience

Additional notes

You’ll have to show proof of a negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test result or proof of full vaccination to access public transport, grocery stores, clinics, medical and dental centres. Your negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test result should be from within the previous seven days.

To enter gyms, casinos, cinemas, bars, restaurants and events while in Madeira, you may be asked to show proof of either a negative COVID-19 rapid antigen or PCR test result, taken within the last seven days. You may also be asked to show proof of full vaccination.


East-meets-west in this rich and diverse country. Turkish beaches offer some of Europe’s best all-inclusive resorts at incredible prices and can be enjoyed from May to September. Much greener and lusher than its neighbour Greece, Turkey offers a similar incredible choice of food, from tasty grilled kebabs and vegetables to fresh, warm flatbreads and sweet and crispy baklava. For one of the most culturally rich city break destinations within 5 hours of the UK, Istanbul offers a sprawling array of mosques, shopping and nightlife split across the majestic Bosphorus river.

To travel to Turkey you have to complete a passenger locator form and provide either;

· Proof of full vaccination, or;

· Negative COVID-19 PCR test result, taken in the 72 hours before your scheduled arrival time, or;

· Negative COVID-19 antigen test result, taken in the 48 hours before your scheduled arrival time, or;

· Proof of recovery from COVID-19

Additional notes

The wearing of masks is mandatory at all times outside the home throughout Turkey.

Returning to the UK

If you are not fully vaccinated:

Before you travel to England you must:

· take a COVID-19 test – to be taken in the 2 days before you travel to England

· book and pay for day 2 and day 8 COVID-19 PCR tests – to be taken after arrival in England

· complete a passenger locator form – to be completed in the 48 hours before you arrive in England

After you arrive in England you must:

· quarantine at home or in the place you are staying for 10 full days

· take your COVID-19 PCR tests – you must book these tests before you travel

· You must take the first test on or before day 2 and the second test on or after day 8. The day you arrive is day 0.

Test to Release scheme

If you need to quarantine, you may be able to end quarantine early if you pay for a private COVID-19 test through the Test to Release scheme.

If you need any information or personal recommendations on travelling during the pandemic please get in touch:

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